Summer Rain by Alex Andreyev

Arthur Brower/The New York Times
The Woolworth Building reflected in a puddle in City Hall Park, 1950

Passers-by in the rain, 1935 by Brassai from RMN

Rue de Rivoli, Sous le Pluie, c. 1937

#B&W, #Strasbourg, #Leica M9, #Summilux M 50mm f1.4 asph.
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André Kertész
Rainy Day, Tokyo 1968

rainy day
two women, holding raised umbrellas, are silhouetted at the end of an arched passage-way on a rainy day, uk, 1934. photo by fox photos/hulton archive.

Wet jump, Rui Palha

Martin Munkácsi
Palermo, Sicily. 1927
~   Ernest Hemingway 

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~   Charles Bukowski 

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Blade Runner (1982)

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~   Rafael Pérez Estrada, from “Chronicle of the Rain” 

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Opaque  by  andbamnan